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Half the Weight Medical Loss Centers have developed a five phase system that is medically supervised and completely customized for your body’s needs. Your medical weight loss team will identify why you’re not losing weight and work with you to balance your hormones and your habits, resulting not only in weight loss, but in a healthier life for years to come. Here’s how we achieve that.

Phase I: Discover

Under the supervision of a medical weight loss team of medical doctors, nurses and weight loss counselors, we will work with you to discover why you are not losing weight as quick as you should. Once you begin a Half the Weight Medical Weight Loss program, you will have a complete lab testing panel to uncover the reason(s) your body is working against you. This test measures your stress hormones, sex hormones, vitamin deficiencies, inflammation levels, thyroid function, blood sugar levels, and metabolism. After the lab work has been analyzed, your counselor will spend time explaining what each of your results means and fitting them all into the context of your weight loss diet plan.

Phase II: Remove

Now that you’ve discovered the roadblocks to why you are not losing weight, both in your bloodstream and in your behaviors, you’ll begin work to remove them. Your one-on-one nutrition counseling will start off with the detoxification of your body to create a fat burning environment, a high protein diet and meal plan that will suit your schedule, and an introduction to any other tools your counselor selects for your success. Most importantly, your counselor will stick with you during each step of this phase to provide advice, diet recipes, and weight loss tips not just weekly in the clinic, but when you’re confronting challenges in your daily life.

Phase III: Accelerate

Once you begin to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it’s time to really boost your energy and kick your fat loss into high gear. Your counselor will pay close attention to both successes and setbacks to determine which diet foods, medical tools, and targeted nutrition support are giving you the best results. With proper tracking, even a plateau counts as useful insight into what your body needs to stay in weight loss mode.

Phase IV: Transition

After losing an accelerated amount of weight, you will move up to a transition phase, where you’ll continue to gradually lose a few pounds a week, but start shaping and sculpting your body. This phase shifts the fitness focus from burning fat to building muscle and toning trouble zones. Many patients also begin body contouring treatments in this phase, if they haven’t already, to tighten skin and smooth cellulite as you shape up to reach your final goals.

Phase V: Maintenance

This is it. You’ve reached your goal weight! At the start of the maintenance phase, you will meet with your counselor to take an “after” photo and solidify everything you’ve learned. At this point, you can choose to continue with any of your services or be reevaluated for more medical products if you have more weight to lose. Even “graduated” patients are welcome to continue with counseling check-ins, targeted nutrition support, foods, and body contouring, but you will move into a more flexible schedule.